Tips to Help with Special Event Photography

Taking photos in well-lit locations isn’t hard. But when you’re in places with poor lighting, you might have a tough time getting a good photograph. Here are some tips that’ll help you when you have to take photos at special events:

Dress appropriately

When it comes to post-production, you can wear just about anything. But, during the event, you should wear something that will help blend in. This doesn’t mean wearing a suit every single time. But for really important events, you could go for it.

Pre-event photos

It is a good idea to practice with some shots before the event. The event planner may even appreciate you capturing pictures before the guests arrive. This will help improve their portfolio and make it easier for them to get new customers. In return, they could recommend you as a photographer. It’s a win for everyone.

Do not over shoot

If you’re shooting videos and taking photos for special events, remember that the attendees shouldn’t feel any inconvenience from your side. Even though it isn’t a bad idea to click attendees, make sure you aren’t clicking too many pictures of the same person. This will only annoy them and ruin their night.

Be quick

You need to be ready to shoot photographs at all times. If you take too long, you might miss a moment or you might start wasting the attendees’ time. You should consider using a long lens when shooting panel discussions. Close shots should be taken using a wide lens.

Edits and delivery

Irrespective of how you take shots, you’ll end up deleting a lot of them. Usually, it isn’t because they were bad. It is just because many of them will look similar. Remember that your client only wants the best. So don’t be afraid to delete shots.